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Do you have a pest problem? If so, Hyper Green Environmental Services® can efficiently solve your issue without harming any animals. Safely detouring pests from treated areas.

Over the years, Hyper Green Environmental Services® has learned from our customers that our environmentally-sensitive products are handy at deterring rodents and other pests. After using our powerful product on trashcans, people see how effective Hyper Green® is at keeping rats out. At the same time, people use our product to keep electrical wiring and cables from being destroyed by pests. Even Disney Cruises use Hyper Green® products on their theme ships to prevent corrosion and the restraining from mold and mildew in and on the HVAC coils.

Battle tested in the harshest environment imaginable!


• Bees • Cockroaches • Spiders • Ants • Rodents •
• Flies • Mosquitos • Birds • Fleas • Ticks •

So, Let’s get started!

Our Hyper Green® service is done by appointment only, we swab test several different areas and document these areas of interest. This evaluation is completed right in front of your eyes before and after. The evaluation service visit takes about an hour and we swab test four areas of concern, before and after.

The service swab & application test in 2 areas (4 applications in total – before and after) is $89.95


Environmentally Friendly

Our patented Hyper Green® formula is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and has a pH balance of 7.0. Once on the treated surface, Trident Technology® creates an invisible long-lasting barrier of protection which will keep the air that you breathe, to the surfaces you touch protected! Thus providing healthier solution for our families, communities, and our planet for generations to come.

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