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Hyper Green Technology® is the patented development and manufacturing utilizing advanced techniques, methods, and procedures for the development of water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive products that consistently have a pH balance of 7.0. Once on the treated surface, our products are long-lasting and will not rub off. Our products eliminate, protect, and inhibit everyday surface issues well past the re-application time of conventional products. Thus, saving the consumer valuable time and money.

Our Hyper Green Technology® is safe and can be used on fabrics, clothes, textiles, and all hard surfaces in and around your home, business, automobile, or where clean is important to you.

We proactively treat all types of surfaces and give you real-time results.
Results to CDC, Joint Commission, and ACHA Standards.

The Blast™ by Infinity Shields®

The Blast™ is a smoke and odor eliminator that has been proven to eliminate smoke & odor on contact. Once applied to clothing or any other textile and hard surface the mist creates a safe Hyper Green® barrier of protection against the odor returning. 

The Blast™ is the longest lasting odor eliminator spray on the market today for protecting textiles and all other surfaces. Use The Blast™ in and around your home, office, automobile, boat, gym and any other places you like. We have 20 scents available in stock!

Infinity Shields® Multi-Purpose Surface Protectant

Infinity Shields® Multi-Purpose Protectant blocks and prevents the staining from mold, mildew, algae, rust, and corrosion, all while eliminating the worst odor and smoke on contact and it all happens simultaneously.

Infinity Shields® is the most effective and only 8 in 1 patented multi-purpose protectant, making Infinity Shields® the most economic ever! Infinity Shields® creates a long-lasting invisible barrier of protection, which won’t rub off. Infinity Shields® once cured on the surface becomes hydrophobic possessing a UV coating, which will not harm plants, pets, or children. Use on Fabric, Textiles, and Hard surfaces. Indoor or Outdoor. Infinity Shields® saves you time & money!

Infinity Shields Pet Pro™

In today’s world, our pets are our family, we live, work, and play with them, some 24 hours a day! Infinity Shields Pet Pro™ is an award-winning innovative water-based patented inert formula that has proven itself in every situation imaginable.

We can now co-exist with our pets on an entirely higher level. Infinity Shields Pet Pro™ can be used indoors or outdoors, in and around your home, office, vehicle, or where pet and animal odor elimination, stain removal, and surface protection is needed.

Infinity Shields Protects®

In today’s world it’s refreshing to know there is a product that protects surfaces and will not harm pests, ants, bees, spiders, flies, lizards, mice, rodents, squirrels, raccoon, bears, etc. We say live and let live, Infinity Shields Protects® has “No Kill Claims”.

Over the past decade Infinity Shields Protects® has proven itself in the solid waste industry on and in sanitation trucks which by far have the largest concentration of rodent and varmint damage daily. Infinity Shields Protects® has been EPA tested and deemed non-toxic with a zero-mortality rate on rodents and other pests.

Infinity Microbe Shield®

Infinity Microbe Shield® once on the surface forms a colorless positively charged polymer shield that molecularly bonds to the treated surface. When microorganisms come in contact with the treated surface the polymer shields inhibits the growth of the organisms inhibiting odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae.

Infinity Microbe Shield® prevents the microorganisms from re-establishing on the treated surface. This treated surface remains long after the initial application. The treated surface will remain protected. The surface will remain protected even after cleaning the surface with water.

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